Unless any previous arrangements have be made in writing with multi-piece orders, your shipment will be sent via a common carrier also know as LTL carriers (Less Than Truckload). Such carriers for example are T-Force (formerly UPS), YRC, Old Dominion, R&L Carriers, etc. You will be emailed the tracking number and name of carrier as soon as your shipment leaves our warehouse. It is highly suggested at this time for you to start communicating with them about your shipment. 

All LTL freight carriers will be delivering from a 26 to 53-foot tractor trailer (semi-truck) with a liftgate. Some municipalities and some delivery areas prohibit or limit the access of semi-trucks.  You, the customer, are responsible for knowing those restrictions before placing your order.  In these circumstances, customers may need to arrange pick-up at a local trucking distribution center or a common area that is more accessible for the semi-truck.

Again, carriers are required to call before the delivery to set an appointment with you, the customer. Please ensure the number you provided is also the number you want the carrier to call to schedule the appointment.

The carrier’s service will include the truck driver (only 1 person) unloading the package from the truck with a lift-gate using a pallet jack. Depending on the type of machine your assistance may be required. They will place the package as close to the curb of the destination address as possible.

Once the package is unloaded from the truck, the carriers responsibility has been fulfilled. No further services will be required of them.


IT IS ALWAYS THE RESONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO MOVE THE MACHINE(S) INSIDE THE DELIVERY ADDRESS. IF THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU, PLEASE MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. If a customer’s driveway is unpaved, too steep, or just inaccessible, the driver at his or her own discretion will move the package as far as he or she may go, but please keep in mind that the driver is only required to deliver it to the curb of the delivery address. The shipper is not responsible for deliveries that are late or missed due to unforeseen circumstances. Redelivery charges may apply, and the customer needs to make those arrangements with the carrier.


You will be required to sign for the delivery of your shipment. Inspect your shipment for visible damage at the time is delivered. Notate any visible damage on the delivery receipt and request the driver to give you a damage report confirmation number PRIOR TO SIGNING THE DELIVERY RECEIPT.