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16Lb Troy VTX Leather Wall Ball – PWB-016


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Each VTX Wall Ball is 14″ diameter. Made of durable synthetic leather and designed for superior grip, each ball is stitched to our exacting specifications. VTX Wall Balls are perfect for any athletic market applications.

All of our Troy VTX wall balls are the same 14″ diameter, for a consistent size as you move up in weight.

They are made of a soft filler that feels firm and stable but is soft enough to prevent injury if you catch one to the face.

These are good for the Crossfit “wall bal” exercise involving doing a squat and on the way up tossing the ball up high on the wall. They bounce just slightly against the wall, and their large size and forgiving density makes them easy and safe to catch.

  • Synthetic Leather Covering
  • Soft but Firm Filler
  • Heavy Duty Stiching
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Weight 16 lbs