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35lb TROY Gray Cast Iron Olympic Grip Plate


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The 35Lb Troy Barbell 2″ Iron Grip Plate is a high-grade machined grip plate is made out of highest quality ASTM Grade 20 cast iron and is designed to be used in the heaviest situations. The feature allows the user to safely load more plates onto machines and bars to maximize workouts. This unique feature makes Troy Barbells easier to lift and load. The Olympic GO plates are designed to maintain a 2 percent accuracy level plus or minus. Gray hammer-tone baked on finish to resist rust chipping and corrosion. Includes one 10-pound plate.

The Troy GO Iron Olympic Plates are by far one of the best, if not the best, iron olympic plates on the market. Its patented EZ Grip and design makes the Troy GO Iron Olympic Plates easy to carry, easy to load, and safe to workout with. The Troy GO’s design ensures that minimal amount of space is taken on an olympic bar while staying in place when performing presses or pulling exercises. Troy GO Iron Olympic plates are made with premium grade ASTM 20 cast iron and are machined to be within 2% accuracy of its stated weight.

Not only are the Troy GO Iron Plates premium olympic plates, they feature a three grip design that is accurately positioned making them extremely easy to grab and carry. One of the Troy GO’s best selling feature, aside from its design, is its highly durable baked finish paint coating. The Troy GO Iron Plates will have years of life and are more than perfect for the most intense conditions and commercial facilities.

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Weight 35 lbs