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Pit Shark Row and Pull


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The PIT SHARK® ROW & PULL is the ultimate station for both Upper and Lower Body strength movements such as; Chest-supported Flat Rows, Rows, RDL’s, Deadlifts, Shrugs. Rick Hoole designed the PIT SHARK® ROW & PULL as a complete station for Rows, Pulling movements, and Shrugs. The padded adjustable bench for chest-supported Rows can easily be removed and stored at the back of the unit giving ample room on the platform for Deadlifts, RDL’s, and Shrugs. Choose to do the movements with either the single handles or the straight bar that come with the unit for both unilateral and bilateral movments. The right and the left weight arms function independently of each other. There’s absolute full Range of Motion on all the movements done at this strength station no matter if its maximum effort your after or accessory work.

Pin the straight bar to the bench with chest-supported rows and feel the muscle activation in the back! Work one arm at a time or both using the single handles for rows. With the chest supported on the adjustable bench and elevating the feet on plyo boxes is a great way to remove all leverage while doing the row movement. With the chest-support bench removed the Pit Shark® Row & Pull changes to a Pulling Station. Grab a straight bar and do RDL’s with a Shrug at the top to combo up movements. Using the optional 2″ diameter Fat Bars really works the grip.

You get both an Upper and Lower Body Training Station with the PIT SHARK® Row & Pull. It comes with both the single handles and the straight bar (choose 1.5″ standard or 2″ fat bar diameter handles)

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